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More effective social media posts

It’s not that easy posting good quality content on social media day after day and keeping your audiences engaged. It’s certainly challenging to come up with new content or a different angle and stay ahead of what parents might be wanting and deliver great social media content that keeps them coming back.

We know from our work with childcare providers that many have struggled to be creative and consistent in their use of social media and found it difficult to get strong parental engagement. Others, however, have managed to make plans and work their way through this challenge and reap the business benefits of a strong social media presence.

It’s normal in business to reflect upon your plans from time to time and reviewing your use of social media to increase interest and keep the enquiries coming is part of the overall business plan and well worth the effort. It’s probably also a very big part of your marketing efforts, so doubly important!

So for those who would like to take their use of social media up a notch, here are a few quick tips around structuring your content to help you get there.

Step 1 – Get together with your team and make a list of potential subjects to post on social media.

  • These can be anything relevant to your audience.

  • They should be focused on engaging both existing customers and potential new ones.

  • They should also include promotional posts about what you offer, when you have places to fill, what’s new in the business and other direct marketing messages.

  • Ensure you plan way ahead, maybe create a list of posts 3 months ahead, and set a date before that ends to plan the next 3 months. It’s the most time efficient way of creating good quality content.

Step 2 – Develop a catchy title – It matters!

Give your posts / blogs a title that…

  • “Says it all”

  • Is engaging and encourages people to read on….

  • Grabs attention like… “Did you know?”/ “How to…/ ”Why … is important”.

Step 3 – Make your content high quality and attractive to your community of parents.

  • Be creative and confident to develop posts.

  • Make sure the quality of your content is high it will be more valued and credible / considered.

  • Use high quality images & videos as they help engagement.

  • Use links in posts if there is more information or the subject is too long for a social media post.

  • Always take a positive view as no one values negativity!

  • Offer useful advice and insights.

Step 4 – Be clear on the outcome you want

  • Obviously you want engagement from those you have targeted with your post, so the outcome would be clear targeting using words and key points that they might hook on to.

  • If, however, you want your readers to do something as a result of the post then be clear on the action you want them to do!

Information & Support available

If you need more information or support on creating social media posts please do contact us, particularly on …

  • Creating and managing a list of future posts.

  • Developing good quality content.

  • Targeting your audience.

If you would like support at any point, please do contact us on


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