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Over the years we have kept very close to the childcare market and how Government policy affects childcare providers in terms of their operational and strategic delivery plans and have used these insights to consider what training and workshops providers need at any given point. We validate our ideas and perceptions through our daily “one to one” business support work with childcare providers, ensuring that our workshops, resources and tools are exactly what childcare providers need to negotiate their way through evolving market developments to remain high quality and sustainable.

We specialise in delivery support around the free early education entitlements, so we have quite a few workshops, webinars and resources focused on supporting you profitable delivery through the entitlements.

It’s important to us to make a distinction between each type of provider, so we are equally experienced supporting and training private, voluntary (not for profit) groups or childminders and schools, and our sessions reflect the operational differences between each type of provision.

We have a range of core training sessions and some more specialist courses which fall broadly under the following headings;

Core Training Sessions

  • 30 Hours free entitlement 

  • Planning & Marketing

  • People Management 

  • Finance & Sustainability

Specialist…here are a few examples……

  • Committee Training

  • Managers & team management

  • Social media policies and marketing

  • Increasing enrollments and growth

  • Managing budgets


We hope you enjoy them!